Sunday, 31 May 2009

In America!!

We're finally here in America!

the flight was not pleasant to say the least, but we eventually got to camp in one piece!  We stayed for one night then headed off to Vegas for an AMAZING weekend, unfortunately what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas so I cant reveal too much, I did gamble lots of money away though!

Just in a motel in Santa Monica now chilling after a 4 hour trek from Nevada, off for some food and drink :-)

Thats the update so far, bye for now!

Peace and love

i'm rick james..


  1. I was down about $70 in total so its not too bad, had fun though

  2. texas hold em and black jack mainly, i could get addicted if i had the money!!!

  3. Hi Cool Hand Luke, glad you put your hard- earned to such good use. Cant believe you've been gone for 3 weeks already. Hope you're still cramming in the experiences and enjoying yourself - don't take any wooden nickels